Platforms like eBay support people selling used electronics. In Germany, people are split about the fact, that fraud is quite frequent at these platforms and trading with electronic devices is often times a risk. You are never sure, if the product you receive is as fully functional and in shape as it was described beforehand. There are different factors making buying and selling a rather uncomfortable experience. Sealed solves a lot of these issues and offers a new way of selling and buying electronics online. We act as a partner of the seller, providing it with all tools for selling successfully and increase the value of the device through a certification process.

The 4-step selling process to safer and convenient sales


Motivated by own incidents with shady sellers and recurring stories of bad experiences friends made, we developed a system to integrate an grading-system into selling electronics on platforms such as eBay or while helping seller and buyer to have a safer, more comfortable and pleasing experience.


To sell a product, let’s say an iPhone, you visit our Website to book our service. On the next day, you send the iPhone to us for the check up and setting up of the auction. We will check the devices functionality and grading everything based on our own scoring-system. When everythings finished, the seller receives a package with all information needed to sell the device quick and easy. Included are photos of the device, a description of the device and a link to a certificate which documents the devices condition and possible issues Sealed detected. You can use these informations to sell it anywhere you like with the provided informations. As soon as a buyer is found, he can select shipping-, guarantee-, and service-options and receives the device in a Sealed Packaging.



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