Fluid Living

In 2052 the time of the day will play no role anymore. The human won't be responsible for neither organizing nor planning his life due to the rise of 'Fluid Living'. The main characteristic of a Fluid Liver is his so-called 'Mentor', an omniscient assistant that guards it's user through his life and assists every significant decision. Researchers say that using a Mentor raises the chance to be healthy and fulfilled by more than 150% compared to own decision-making.

The Mentor knows all the needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses of it's user and works on organizing a daily routine corresponding with his psychical and physical health and long-term goals. 'Fluid Living' makes space for the essence of everybody's life: Focussing on personal and professional development, surrounded by prosperous, interesting people.

Overview of User-Analysis

The Mentor-Interface

The 'Mentor' sits right on the arm and supports it's user in every decision.


Quantification of the human being and it’s environment in the 21st century has led to an ever accessible and interpretable pile of data. Due to the effects of demographic change and the unevitable loss of the social health-system people focus on being as healthy as possible to avoid sickness. Alternative lifestyles such as 'Fluid Living' are therefore on the rise, providing people with profound decisions to stay in balance with soul and body.

A 'Fluid Liver' during the rite of initialization



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